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This year, the winter tourist season, like the summer one, will also be very specific. The coronavirus does not even think about retreating, leaving tourists with no choice – you can rest only with certain restrictions. The HotLine.travel editors are launching a special luxury project to answer, together with partners, the question of what product can now be offered to discerning customers both in Russia itself and abroad.

The special project opens with a large interview with Olga Filipenkova, director of strategic development of the Krasnaya Polyana resort. It will contain everything about the new concept “Polyana 960”, which is now positioned as a premium territory. What were the authors of the resort inspired by and why is it in no way inferior to European ones?

Also, representatives of the resort will talk about their offers for the off-season and New Year’s holidays, and will also present a detailed guide to outdoor activities and talk about how to get the most out of the trip – we are talking about the special program “Mountain Detox”.

The range of outbound destinations that can be reached on direct flights from Russia this winter is very small, but, fortunately, it includes two indisputable beach hits: the UAE and the Maldives.

Another partner of the special project – the tour operator PAC GROUP – will prepare a varied assortment for an exclusive vacation in the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives, as well as talk about the prestigious travel architects award. This is a special project for agents who know how to work with a premium product and are able to go beyond package tours. All details will appear in the publication on October 19.

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A separate publication will be devoted to the new hotel in the Maldives, OZEN Reserve Bolifushi – this is not just a luxury resort, but a representative of the uber-luxury category, which will open in December 2020. You will find out what awaits guests from our article, but while we are preparing materials, take part in our survey.

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