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Where and how do family tourists want to rest? What are the requirements and which resorts are you choosing? The participants of the special project “Big family on vacation” answer.

“The huge world is closed for me …”

The main feature of families with children in the summer of 2021 is the limited choice of routes. “Therefore, there is interest in all open directions. The main trend now is to book as early as possible in order to have time to get the best conditions at the best prices, “the company notes. PAC GROUP

From available foreign countries for customers TEZ TOUR most in demand are Cyprus, Egypt and the Maldives. TUI Russia offers package tours to Cuba, Maldives and the UAE.

Quiet holidays on tropical islands are more often chosen by families with small children, for older children – Dubai with its various entertainments and Cairo with its pyramids, says the CEO of the company. “ART-TOUR” Dmitry Arutyunov… According to him, in general, the demand for educational tourism has grown and Egypt today attracts with a unique opportunity to admire classical antiquities without crowds of people.

“Parents not only want to take their children to the beach, but also show them something. They try, for example, to spend one week on excursions, especially in exotic countries, where you do not visit every day, and the second one is already somewhere in the resort, ”the expert says.

He also notes an increase in sales on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, where in summer it is not as hot as in Sharm el-Sheikh, and a lot of good hotels, including popular with families with children, for example Rixos

The investor of the project also noticed the active interest of guests in excursion routes Miracleon Resort Valery Dimoev… And yet – an increase in the demand for direct hotel bookings. “Direct sales have almost doubled over the past year,” says the businessman.

Given the limited choice of outbound destinations, tour operators continue to actively explore the domestic market and its surroundings. So, this summer TUI Russia will present for the first time its corporate concept of family vacations. FUN & SUN in Abkhazia.

Another notable trend is a shift in demand towards better quality placement. According to the observations of TUI Russia, quality 3-4 * hotels are well booked in Russia, and 5 * hotels abroad. In our chain of 4 and 5 * hotels, the most expensive hotels and categories are sold first, agrees the commercial director of the family resorts chain Alean Family Resort Collection Olga Smolkina

“The restriction of air traffic gives the entire Russian hotel market a large segment of clients who used to have a rest only abroad, are accustomed to a certain level of service and format of rest. And this is a colossal experience for us. We believe that this audience can provide many useful ideas for implementation in their product. For example, following the experience of last summer, we expanded our offer of individual rent of a gazebo on the beach for a secluded family vacation, ”she notes.

Less often, but longer

Coronavirus restrictions have changed the logistics of travel: people prefer to travel once, but for a longer period, Dmitry Arutyunov notes. Previously, it averaged 10-11 days, now it is at least 2 weeks or more. And there is no such rigid attachment to vacations, since they are now “floating” (each school sets its own schedule) and there is a lot of online – you can even study on vacation.


The depth of booking in the segment of family vacations does not exceed 3-4 weeks, and if mass charter destinations are opened, this figure is highly likely to decrease to 2-3 weeks, TEZ TOUR predicts. “The decision-making of the clients now occurs closer to the departure date, when there is confidence that the rest will take place,” explains the head of the TEZ TOUR Russia sales department. Elena Pleshivtseva

IN PAC GROUP note the increase in bookings on other destinations after the closure of Turkey and assure that the bookings of winter cruises have already begun within the framework of the action “Divide the prices in half: the second person in the cabin is resting for free.”

The depth of booking very much depends on the destination and dates on which tourists plan to travel, add to TUI Russia. So, for example, it is almost impossible to book a tour to the Kaliningrad region, all top hotels, and not only them, are busy for the whole season. The same picture is observed in other popular destinations.

According to Valery Dimoyev, today all hotels in the resort Miracleon filled on average by 65%. But a high percentage of guests purchase tours with a booking depth of several weeks. “In 2019, at the end of February, we already had almost full workload for the summer period,” recalls the project investor.

Online Alean Family Resort Collection They record extra demand and a higher load compared to 2019, but otherwise they do not see much change. “For all metrics, we have the indicators we are accustomed to. This year, the depth of bookings has returned to a more or less familiar level. Now we see demand both for the next month and for July-August, and for autumn, ”says Olga Smolkina.

Strategic Development Director Krasnaya Polyana resort Olga Filipenkova clarified that the depth of bookings has grown significantly compared to the previous year. Also, according to her, the number of guests for long-term stays has increased, they have begun to request more often large, spacious rooms, apartments, where a large family can comfortably accommodate.

“Family two-three-room suites, where there are full-fledged sleeping places for all family members, are in demand this year even a little more than usual,” Olga Smolkina supports.

Hearty, tasty, comfortable and safe

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, families with children have become particularly demanding on safety issues, including epidemiological ones. “We have introduced some additional options that will remain with us forever, for example, cashless payments throughout the entire resort,” says Valery Dimoev.


According to Dmitry Arutyunov, families with children are increasingly choosing free-standing objects for accommodation – bungalows, villas, since in hotels it is more difficult to restrict children in movement and contacts.

Food costs remain an important item in the travel budget for a family. On the beach destinations, the leader of family preferences is the all-inclusive system, but in the mountains, full board is not popular, as tourists spend most of the day outside the hotel.

Even in the UAE and on the islands of the Indian Ocean, more and more hotels are starting to operate according to this scheme, says the general director of ART-TOUR. Among them are premium hotels. It used to be considered that this is the privilege of cheap hotels. The presence of a special children’s menu will be another advantage of the hotel, add to the PAC GROUP.

Parents also pay attention to the availability of infrastructure for children and, first of all, children’s clubs where you can leave your child, according to TUI Russia. According to the TEZ TOUR representative, as a rule, families with children choose hotels with sandy beaches and gentle entry into the sea for recreation, but in the current realities of limited choice, the emphasis when planning a trip falls on the hotel itself, and not on the territory and infrastructure.

But at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort, guests are primarily interested in entertainment for children in the mountains, both for spending time together, and so that they can leave the child for a while and enjoy other activities at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort.

When the carriage “bites”

The lack of mass charter destinations and the growth of the dollar and euro rates led to an increase in prices on foreign destinations. And even seasonal discounts in a number of countries cannot compensate for the rise in airfare and the weakening of the ruble.


“For example, Egyptian hoteliers this season willingly give favorable discounts on accommodation, reaching 30-40% compared to the same period in 2019, but the total cost of tours in ruble terms is comparable,” say TEZ TOUR.

In the Maldives, according to the company, prices for most properties either have not changed, or have increased by 5-10%. In “ART-TOUR”, on the contrary, they assure that there are summer discounts there, albeit small ones. UAE hotels also provide good STRs, which compensates for the rise in the cost of transportation, but not completely. Tours to the Emirates are now much cheaper than in winter – sometimes 2 times, but 2 years ago they would have cost even less, notes Dmitry Arutyunov.

On average, prices for vacations with children have increased by 10-20%, told TUI Russia. The Alean Family Resort Collection says that prices for all hotels in the chain will rise by 10-12%. Representatives of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort assure that prices, compared to 2020, have increased insignificantly.

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