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COVID-19 is not a hindrance for those who can afford a private business jet and rent a secluded villa on the shore of a warm sea or even an entire island in the ocean. Many wealthy people chose to carry out the first coronavirus quarantines in such conditions. And they liked it! The trend of long-stay bookings (from a month to infinity) in the luxury segment is gaining momentum. Experts of our special project will tell you about other options and directions of elite recreation available this year.

When working with wealthy tourists, the main difficulty lies not in selling an expensive product, but in retaining such a client and making him permanent. Artur Muradyan, General Director, will tell you why the most valuable tourists should be entrusted to Space Travel. And in a series of master classes, the operator’s specialists will share their experience in organizing a luxury vacation in the UAE and on the tropical islands.

How to understand the needs of a VIP tourist? Learn to think like a VIP tourist. Ekaterina Ruchkina, PAC GROUP Development Director, will share the secrets of this skill. Also, representatives of the company will talk about what Seychelles and Greece offer to discerning clients this season.

Grecotel General Representative Oksana Nikityuk will continue the Greek theme. We will learn about new projects and acquisitions of the company, what the hotels of the chain have prepared for the long-awaited opening of the destination for Russian tourists, what concepts and services are available to them, what measures have been taken for the safety of guests.

For a snack – a social event. OnlineTours will present a photo report from the final of the Miss & Mrs. Tourism 2020 contest.

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