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Very soon, winter will gradually begin to lose ground, blowing warm, sun and invigorating air. In a word, in the spring. This is not only the most optimistic season, but also a time to recuperate after a long period of gray and cold months. And one of the best places to meet the first spring days is traditionally the South Coast of Crimea.

Breathe in the beneficial air of the Black Sea and the scent of flowers, enjoy the beauty of the landscape and relax in the lap of nature. What could be better? And all this can be combined with a special offer from the Crimean Breeze Residence.


Mediterranean style holidays

The residence is located near Yalta on an area of ​​20 hectares, where more than 200 species of plants grow, among which the still fruiting 500-year-old olive tree and juniper groves stand out. And juniper, as you know, has the most powerful phytoncidal effect. You can relax in private Mediterranean-style villas or in spacious rooms by the sea among the relic forest and park with exotic flora.

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Relax by the sea

The hospitality of the residence is based on the philosophy of healthy relaxation. Incredible views from panoramic windows, walks along the seaside or in a coniferous grove, eco-trips, swimming in the sea or heated infinity pools with seawater leave no one indifferent. And after soaring in the bathhouse on the Crimean herbs, you can immediately plunge into invigorating waves, because the steam room is located just 30 meters from the shore. Lovers of bath rituals will highly appreciate the collection of brooms: oak, birch, eucalyptus, juniper. Each of them has special healing properties. The bath attendants will select a temperature regime that is comfortable for you, and you can choose the type of steaming, massage and care procedures, for example, the especially popular honey-salt peeling. After the bath, be sure to try the local hand-picked herbal tea, which is doubly pleasant to drink while admiring the sea view.

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Privileges first!

Guests who plan their vacation at the Crimean Breeze Residence in March and April will also receive pleasant bonuses for a full and rich rest. Until May 1, the residence provides as a gift:
● daily visit to the bathhouse on the beach from 09:00 to 20:00;
● massage of the head and neck area (in the bath area or in the room);
● Crimean herbal tea in the bath from 9:00 to 14:00;
● consultation and personal training with a trainer;
● classes in swimming, water aerobics, tennis;
● complementary early check-in from 12:00 and late check-out until 14:00 (according to the availability of rooms).

Delicious holiday atmosphere

Already in March, guests will be able to cheerfully and deliciously celebrate the spring holidays in the Piazzetta Mediterranean restaurant with live music and gastronomic delights. The chefs of the Residence use farm organic products in their dishes and emphasize the author’s presentation. In honor of March 8, they will present an author’s festive set, and for Pancake Week they will prepare a special menu according to old recipes.

New point on the gastronomic map of Crimea

In May, another restaurant will open its doors – Breeze Gourmet – the first in the republic, where you can get acquainted with the current Crimean cuisine in the author’s bold performance of the chef Rustam Tangirov from St. Petersburg. Meals will be prepared with natural, local products from local farmers, as well as grown in the residence’s own garden.


The restaurant’s menu consists of three thematic sections, which are complemented by desserts from Crimean fruits and berries. The Black Sea section features a variety of fish and local seafood dishes such as mussel tartare with crunchy bread and smoked milk tarama, fried kalkan with smoked sweet potato cream, sour apple crab and much more. Crimean black truffle, dishes from tender meat of Bakhchisarai lamb, juicy steaks from farm meat – reveal the wealth of the steppe Crimea, to which the second section is devoted. The menu included game and wild mushrooms, dietary guinea fowl meat and, of course, traditional Crimean pasties in the “Wild Forest” section.

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Breeze Gourmet is located on the seashore, so guests can enjoy an exquisite dinner while listening to the sound of waves, watching the panorama of seascapes and the legendary Uzun-Tash rock, which is captured on the canvases of the great Kuindzhi.

To Crimea for May for eco-improvement!

The renovated Health and Beauty Center La Fontana SPA will also start working on the May holidays. Guests will be pleased with the new extended aquazone, steam and cryosaunas, exclusive spa rituals based on premium cosmetic brands Faith and Biologic, balneology and mud rejuvenation procedures, hardware cosmetology based on Hydra Facial and many more interesting beauty rituals.

Come to Crimea! The Crimean Breeze Residence has prepared special offers for you to make your holiday bright, memorable and safe for everyone this spring.

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