Overview of activities and entertainment

Every year Krasnaya Polyana Resort opens many new services for a varied and high-quality rest. Most of the entertainment is year-round – but each season can be played in a different way. The unique 100K recreation program is the best that the resort has collected over the years. Ten recreational areas include: amusement parks in the mountains, panoramic platforms with views of the mountain peaks, entertainment for children, sports grounds, skiing and snowboarding, Wellness & SPA, water in the mountains, a water park and swimming pools, gastronomy from author’s to local cuisine, night life and shopping – all this for a quality rest at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort.

Winter fun

There are many year-round entertainment in the resort, but there are also seasonal ones, for example, now the winter season is still underway here, which is about 30 km of trails, two snow parks, evening skiing, nine freeride zones, classes with professional instructors, a children’s school and 1000 sq. m – Apres ski area with bright dj-sets and gastronomy! The season at the resort will last until the end of June thanks to the unique climatic zone “Circus-2” at an altitude of 2050 m, where the Bonus Summer Camp festival takes place in summer.

See everything from a bird’s eye view

The resort is especially proud of its panoramic sites in the mountains. You can see the Caucasus Mountains, the valley of the Mzymta River and even the Black Sea from a bird’s eye view, and you can also examine them in detail – for this, there are binoculars on the sites. From the top Black pyramid one of the best views in the Krasnaya Polyana mountains opens on the Aibga ridge. Here, at an altitude of 2375 m above sea level, is the highest point of the resort, you can get here via the via ferrata route. But the main location with a 360 ° view, unique for Krasnaya Polyana, is located on Polyane 2200 – pictures from here will not leave anyone indifferent!

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Adventure in amusement parks in the mountains

The main entertainment area of ​​the resort at Polyana 2200 is the highest amusement park in Russia Gorky fly… An extreme walk on a suspension bridge, flying at a speed of 80 km per hour on the longest megazipline in Russia with a length of 1027 m or flying over the clouds on a pair of swings. There will be enough impressions for a whole year!


The adventure rope park will be interesting for both adults and children. There are about fifty obstacles in the form of stairs, cobwebs, bungee and swinging logs. A mesmerizing world of fairytale heroes awaits in Adventure Park Wonder Land at Glade 960 – you can have tea at the same table with Alice and the Mad Hatter from Wonderland, or go treasure hunting with Captain Jack Sparrow.

For lovers of sensations sharper there is bike park Krasnaya Polyana, which includes 11 tracks with a total length of 15 km with a vertical drop of up to 400 m. Cycling trails run through a picturesque forest and have several levels of difficulty: for beginners and advanced riders. For comfortable lifting of mountain bikes, the cable car cabins are equipped with special bike carriers. And also the skate park Polyana Snake for rollers and skateboarders – a huge concrete pool with radius walls with a maximum height of 2.2 m. The variety of figures in the park allows holding competitions of the level of the Russian skateboarding championship.

Mecca for gourmets

Many tourists choose Krasnaya Polyana Resort for gastro tourism. Discover one of 20 varied cuisines in over 50 restaurants and cafes. Here you can taste famous dishes based on the culinary traditions of different countries or the author’s cuisine, whose chefs turn familiar products into exquisite works of art. Must visit: restaurants of Pan-Asian cuisine – “Pandan”, Italian – ROMA and Far Eastern cuisine – “Aristocrabs” on Polyana 960.

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Unique guided eco-routes

Guests will get special impressions and a boost of energy in summer from hiking in the mountains along eco-trails of varying difficulty, which are more than 40 km in the resort.


On the route “Polykarya Waterfall” you can see one of the highest and most picturesque waterfalls in the South of Russia, the height of which is 70 m.

_DSC6866 (1) .jpg

Huge majestic fir trees are found on the eco trail “Relic forest”, and also the Red Book endemic plants of the Western Caucasus, which are nowhere else. Another program – “Alpine meadows” – takes place in the zone of alpine and subalpine meadows at an altitude of more than 2000 m above sea level. In addition to unique plants, tourists will also see the ancient Azanguars – shepherd’s stone structures from the Middle Ages.

Wellness in the mountains

Spa complexes and mountain baths will help the guests of the resort to reboot. In the bath complex “4 elements” guests of the resort are immersed in the rituals of four natural elements: the element of Fire – the Russian steam room, the element of the Earth – the steam room-hut, the element of Air – the Alpine bath, the element of Water – the Turkish hammam.


In the center of functional medicine “Medical & SPA Polyana 960” you can undergo a comprehensive examination using modern equipment and choose one of the unique health improvement programs – this is a worthy alternative to the Alpine resorts. Relax and immerse yourself in a luxurious holiday atmosphere with panoramic mountain views in Rixos Royal SPA

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And the hotel “Valley 960” has already impressed with its new outdoor infinity pool.

AO2I1443 ++. Jpg

Family vacation in the mountains

Krasnaya Polyana resort is an excellent choice for summer vacations with the whole family. Therefore, everyone should take note of the top summer family entertainment:
● spend the night in a tent camp at an altitude of 2050 m above sea level – an incredible opportunity to see the stars at arm’s length


● visit husky centerwhere the cutest dogs in the world are waiting to visit
● ascend in a hot air balloon 1000 m above sea level
● ride a summer tubing
● visit indoor Mountian Beach Water Park
● go to the Wonder Land Adventure Park
● ride bicycles and ATVs
● walk routes in rope parks
● perfectly sunbathe on the resort’s signature beach on the Black Sea

All the most interesting activities in the mountains of the resort are collected in the Adventure Bureau. And vivid impressions of a vacation in the mountains – on the resort’s website!

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