The Turkish analytical agency Turizmdatabank has published the results of the tourist season in Antalya province. According to the study, Anex Tourism Group was able to regain its position as a leader in receiving foreign tourists in the main tourist center of Turkey.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the number of tourists coming to Antalya in the period from January to September fell by 81% compared to the same period in 2019. At the same time, the total volumes of tour operators delivering tourists to Antalya with package tours decreased by 83%. That led to a change in positions in the ranking of leaders in receiving foreign tourists in the region.

At the same time, almost 95% of tourists came to Antalya exactly as part of a package tour purchased from tour operators.

According to Turizmdatabank, the package tourism market shrank 82.6% to around 2 million tourists.

At the same time, Anex Tourism Group took the first place in receiving foreign guests in Antalya. It is followed by TUI (leader of 2019), OTI Group (ODEON), Pegas Touristik and MPI Turkey.

The share of Anex on the market of package tours was 15.8%, and if we add to it the tourists sent by the Intourist tour operator, its size will be more than 18%. TUI occupied 14.7 markets.

Top 5 groups on the tour package market in Antalya (January-September) / reveal /

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