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In February, the editorial staff of TourDom.ru found out with which tour operators the travel agents most actively cooperated in the winter on affordable tourism destinations. And the users of the professional group “Travel Presidium” helped in this. The results of a series of surveys showed that the choice of a tour operator is influenced not only by the product and prices, but also by personal sympathies. Moreover, the latter factor sometimes outweighs all business arguments.

Survey methodology

This time, the editors decided on an experiment: instead of a telephone survey of travel agencies using a randomly selected sample (the methodology has remained unchanged since 1997. – Ed.) we invited the members of the professional group “Travel Presidium”, which unites more than 10 thousand specialists on Facebook, to express their opinion. The voting tables included tour operators that were leading in past studies, as well as nominated by the users themselves.

Voting lasted just over 2 weeks – from February 11 to March 1. The group members answered the question: “With which tour operators did you work most actively in the ending winter season?”

As a result, there were five tables with the results: for Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives and Tanzania (Zanzibar). We publish screenshots and comments of the group members who justified their choice of this or that tour operator.

Turkey: everything is simple for the regions

Here is a screenshot with the results of the survey of the Travel Presidium participants in the direction of Turkey. As you can see, most of the sympathies were on the side of TUI Russia. ANEX Tour, which was the leader in the ranking of cooperation preferences at the end of the summer of 2019, took second place.

Survey results for Turkey


Experts believe that the primacy of TUI in the list of sympathies of the group members is justified by the activity of the company’s representatives in social networks. But if you look at the survey comments, the agents took into account a number of other market factors. For example, early booking conditions: “ANEX has been the main partner in Turkey for many years, we are pleased with the work! But in the season-2021 in the Republic of Belarus we started booking TUI, closer to the season we will work flexibly! ” – wrote in the comments to the survey Yulia Chernova

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Representative of the company “Ingostur Center” substantiated his choice with transportation: “Coral are traditionally strong in Turkey. Plus cooperation with the “Turkish” from Vnukovo (important for us). ANEX are also strong and Vnukovo is on “Azurah””. AND Olga Shlyapina from Perm drew attention to the availability of direct flights: “For the regions, everything is simple – the preferences are on the side of those who fly from us.” A travel agent from St. Petersburg left a similar comment under the table. Maria Sheker: According to her, until the end of February, only Biblio-Globus flew from St. Petersburg, there were no alternatives.

Russia: “Hoteliers kiss the sand they walked on”

The first three places in the list of top partners in Russia, according to the results of voting in the Travel Presidium, were taken by ALEAN, TUI Russia and Dolphin.

It is not surprising that a number of group members consider this alignment unfair, noting that Biblio-Globus was only in fourth place in the table. Here is what, for example, the head of the TBS Group wrote Rashad Mammadov: “An interesting poll turned out, although I’m not surprised! Our agencies did not have objectivity! In this case, where does the Biblio-Globus have volumes? We like to praise some, but sell others! ”

This point of view was supported by the director of one of the Crimean hotels: “BG loads resorts as if not in itself, an unattainable leader in loading and sales. More than a million tourists per season, and only in growth. Hoteliers kiss the sand they walked on.

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ALEAN is also great, but the volumes are several times smaller.

Survey results for Russia


It can be assumed that the voting for Biblio-Globus was less active due to the fact that earlier the tour operator had reduced the commission for tours in Russia and Abkhazia.

In addition, the company occupies a separate position in the market, acts clearly in its own interests according to the principle: whoever needs it – will adjust. Not everyone likes it. However, even skeptics admit: Biblio-Globus creates a popular product in Russia, offering tours with direct flights from many cities and giving agencies the assortment they need in a situation where borders with almost the whole world remain closed. By the way, the initiatives of other tour operators organizing charters in Russia have also been noticed. “I voted for TUI, although I work with other TOs, since their project on Baikal is the opening of the year – 2020 (personal opinion), prices for hotels in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana) without a flight are below the counter, which is very pleasing, you can add excursions to your basket which are lower than those offered by other operators already in place, ”writes Tatiana Dolyagina

UAE: “I can trust any client”

The survey participants in the professional group nominated many companies to the top list of providers of tours in the United Arab Emirates. However, more than 70 votes were received by only three – TUI Russia, Unex and ART-TOUR.

It is interesting that during the voting, at first, Unex was leading by a large margin, receiving many comments and likes in its support. “I vote: for Unex (I can entrust any client, count on VIP service for both my clients and my requests at any time of the day); for TUI (there are blocks), ”one of the commentators explained her choice.

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UAE Survey Results


Maldives: “All Voters + 1% Commission”

In such a responsible direction as the Maldives, the members of the group showed conservatism: the first place according to the results of voting in the Travel Presidium was, as expected, taken by ART-TOUR, although it had many rivals.

“For Andryukha”, – one of the members of the support group of the tour operator Unex wrote briefly in the comments, obviously referring to the director Andrey Zorin… Someone encouraged the voting with verses, but the most spectacular, perhaps, was the director of the Pantheon, Anatoly Garkushin. “To all who voted for” Pantheon “+ 1% on tours with block tickets”Aeroflot“!” – he wrote in the comments Judging by the number of likes, the idea was met with a bang.

Maldives Survey Results


Tanzania: there are nuances

But in Tanzania, the voting went quietly: either because the moderator posted the announcement not in prime time, but after 18:00, when activity on Facebook is waning, or because there is not much to argue about in Zanzibar … As expected, the leaders in the table are companies that have their own transportation to this resort island.

Survey results for Tanzania


However, assessing the work with tour operators at the end of the winter, the agencies shared some nuances in the comments. “Coral Travel, in my opinion, is the only one who makes a flight without refueling. This is a good argument for booking “, – wrote one of the members of the group Irina Alexandrovna… “We work across Tanzania with Pegasus, it’s more convenient. 1 – reasonable prices, 2 – flights from Sheremetyevo “, – added Elena Ukhova

The editors would like to thank the voting participants in the Travel Presidium group.

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