Profi.Travel made changes to loyalty program ratings. Now travel agents from Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg willt compete in Loyalty in within one rating.

Loyalty program ratings show the activity of travel agents. Literally in online mode, the number of points changes, which depend on participation in training projects Profi.Travel and made reservations. Agents receive a large share of points precisely for booking.

we understand that flights from Moscow or St. Petersburg is much more than from Kuzbass or Penza. Therefore, in order for the competition in Loyalty was honest and the system adequately reflected reality, we revised the geolocation of the ratings. Thus, Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg were merged into one rating. At the same time, the total number of prizes is not has changed.

Annual Loyalty Rating now it looks like this:

  • Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg: 3 prizes
  • Regions of Russia: 8 prizes
  • CIS countries: 2 prizes
  • Exhibition leaders: 2 prizes

Recall 15 winners from different regions of Russia and CIS countries by the end of 2021 will go to branded fam trip in Dubai with by the Profi.Travel team.

We invite travel agents to become members of the Profi.Travel loyalty program.

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