What is known about the possible reasons for the detention of the director of the sanatorium “Knowledge”

The Krasnodar Regional Court receives appeals from public associations and entrepreneurs from all over Russia. They ask to change the measure of restraint to the general director of the Sochi sanatorium “Knowledge” Dmitry Bogdanov to house arrest: since May 30, he has been in a pre-trial detention center on charges of abuse of power as the head of the liquidation commission of a public organization of the same name – the Knowledge Society.

The authors of the letters draw attention to the large number of awards received by Dmitry Bogdanov for active public and educational activities, as well as for his contribution to the development of domestic tourism – he has been running the sanatorium for more than 10 years.

In the association of entrepreneurs “Support of Russia” Dmitry Bogdanov is described as a respectable citizen who, if the crime is proven, is ready to bear the punishment he deserves.


As a colleague of Dmitry Bogdanov told TourDom.ru Vladimir Masyutin, coordinating the action in his defense, 111 such letters were received only by e-mail during June 2, each of them – from one to five signatures. “From all over the country, from all leading travel agencies and leaders of the tourism industry,” Vladimir Masyutin emphasized. In addition, many Sochi residents came in person, so the number of applications has yet to be counted.

Those who are not indifferent to what happened to Dmitry Bogdanov do not understand why he was under investigation.

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Meanwhile, judging by the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the only founder and owner of the sanatorium, the Knowledge Society, is indeed in the process of liquidation.


Dmitry Bogdanov appears in the documents as the chairman of the liquidation commission. This played a key role in the formation of the prosecution’s arguments, since he was also the head of the sanatorium.

As it became known to TourDom.ru, to the General Prosecutor RF Krasnova a letter has been received (available at the disposal of the editors. – Ed.), in which the citizen Svetik Fedor Fedorovich in fact, he accuses Dmitry Bogdanov of exceeding obligations and causing damage to the state on an especially large scale – in the amount of 350 million rubles. According to the author, the work of the liquidation commission is unreasonably delayed, the proceeds from the use of property are spent contrary to the interests of the organization and the state. “Bogdanov D.V. is essentially the manager and the main actor in the implementation of the remaining resources of the company Knowledge of Russia, who is the sole head of the interested commercial structure (SKK “Knowledge”), ”writes F.F. Svetik to the prosecutor. and asks to take “appropriate action.”


The letter was registered with the prosecutor’s office on May 27, the next day a criminal case was initiated (moreover, according to part 2 of article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation specified in the letter – Ed.), Bogdanov was put on the federal wanted list, a search in a sanatorium was authorized, and on May 30, the general director was arrested. This despite the fact that he was not hiding, led social networks and himself “flew” into the hands of the Sochi law enforcement officers from Crimea, where he was on a business trip.

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Punishment for crimes within the framework of Part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation can be very harsh – up to 10 years in prison.

One can only guess what is the reason for such a lightning-fast and harsh reaction of law enforcement officers. The personality of the author to some extent gives an answer to this question, he is, of course, an authoritative person. In the letter, he says that he was the acting chairman of the liquidation commission of “Knowledge” in 1992-1993, vice-president of the same society in 1993-2016, a member of its coordinating council and executive secretary of the editorial and publishing council “Security of Russia”, professor.


Observers drew attention to the change in the status of an organization with a similar name – the Russian Society “Knowledge”. On May 12, the third congress of this organization took place in Moscow, at which a policy of “restarting” was adopted. First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko became Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Presidential Aide became his deputy. Vladimir Medinsky, Maxim Oreshkin, Andrey Fursenko and Dukhanin’s love… The founder of the holding was elected the General Director of the Knowledge Society “Netology-group” and online training service Foxfordand also the winner of the competition “Leaders of Russia. Politics “Maxim Dreval… It was to him, as reported TASS, the idea of ​​restarting “Knowledge” belongs to.


However, the version that appeared on the sidelines that these large-scale changes somehow influenced the fate of Dmitry Bogdanov have no basis, since the federal structure, which is now headed by Kiriyenko and Dreval, is definitely not in the process of liquidation. Dmitry Bogdanov headed a completely different public organization – “Knowledge” of Russia, it is in her ownership of the Sochi sanatorium of the same name.

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By the way, it is very well located – on the first line from the sea, has a landscaped park area. All this suggests that the underlying reason for what happened was the redistribution of property.

And yet, the public, the travel community and lawyers hope for a fair treatment of the case and a change in the preventive measure. Dmitry Bogdanov’s lawyer Dmitry Chicherin sent an appropriate appeal to the judicial collegium for criminal cases of the Krasnodar Regional Court. Referring to the provisions of the law, he explains that the detention is unreasonable, in fact, no pre-investigation check was carried out. The man was simply detained and put in a pre-trial detention center.

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