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Russian tourists are waiting for a decision on Turkey: will the flight restrictions be lifted after June 1? While there is no directive on the resumption of flights, it is impossible to unequivocally answer this question. That is why many do not understand whether they have to pay for tours to Turkish resorts scheduled in June? The expert – Georgy Mokhov (SA “Persona Grata”) clarified this issue.


The topic of air communication between European countries and Belarus raises no less questions. As it turned out, the airlines had problems with flights to Russia planned to bypass the Belarusian airspace. Flights to Moscow from Paris and Vienna were canceled on May 27. Airlines performing them Air France and Austrian Airlines were unable to obtain permission from the Russian aviation authorities to operate flights on the changed route. And a logical question arises: the carriers simply did not have time to agree on departures, or did politics intervene here? In the meantime, in Belarus itself, one can count on one hand the airlines that are still plowing its expanses. And most of them are Russian and Chinese. European carriers are not yet there. What kind of flights they canceled – read our material.


Let’s not escalate the situation. There was good news that day, which mainly concerned foreign destinations. For example, the Tunisian authorities announced that from June 1 they will cancel the seven-day quarantine for independent tourists. True, not for everyone, but only for those vaccinated against the coronavirus or those who have had it before. Recall that self-isolation also does not need to go to organized vacationers.


The Thai province of Pattaya, which was wildly popular among Russians before the pandemic, will also refuse mandatory quarantine for vaccinated tourists. But this will happen only in the fall.


Meanwhile, in Cyprus, it has been decided to cancel the curfew from June 10. At the beginning of the first summer month, some indulgences for local restaurants and cafes, as well as nightclubs will begin to apply.


While the listed destinations are dreaming of guests from abroad, Israel received the first group of foreign tourists. They were Christian pilgrims from an American seminary. We hope that the Russians will soon get this opportunity as well. In the meantime, there are no flights to the country from Russia, Israel accepts only vaccinated foreigners.


Next, let’s turn our attention to France. Despite the fact that the country is closed for Russian tourists, one cannot but rejoice at the decision of the French Consulate General in Moscow to resume accepting documents for issuing entry visas. From June 1, Russians who already had the Schengen area of ​​this state will be able to apply. We hope this is the first signal that soon our citizens will be able to walk again along the Champs Elysees and eat onion soup.


Let’s move on to internal directions. The readers of paid close attention to the news about the trip of the head Rostourism Zarina Doguzova to Kamchatka. On her Instagram, she shared her impressions and plans for the development of tourism in the Far East. She also touched upon the topic of inaccessibility of trips to Kamchatka’s beauty for many tourists.


We will conclude the digest with news of a kind deed by employees of one of the Russian airlines. Flight attendants have banded together to help a colleague who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. They helped not only to raise about a million rubles, but also provided non-material support.

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