Tours to winter Baikal for 8 nights at TUI Russia in the first half of February will cost tourists 39.6 thousand rubles for two, or from 19 thousand per person. As of February 8, for this amount, you can buy a tour both from Moscow and Yekaterinburg, from where the charter flight program of Ural Airlines is carried out by the order of the tour operator.

In parallel, the sale of seats for the airline’s flights from Yekaterinburg to Ulan-Ude started from 13 to 21 February. Round-trip tickets with luggage can be bought for less than 5 thousand rubles. You can fly from Moscow for the same dates for less than 10 thousand.

However, as Profi.Travel was told in the press service of the tour operator TUI Russia, no adjustments to the flight program are planned. The company explained that the booking of tours to Lake Baikal from Moscow and Yekaterinburg is active, but with a small depth of sales, which are activated mainly shortly before departure.

There is a demand for both budget tours and more expensive programs with maximum content – from 18 to 42 thousand rubles per person. Arrivals in the second half of February are most popular with tourists: from the 12th, festive events dedicated to the meeting of Sagaalgan, the New Year according to the Eastern calendar, will be held in Buryatia.

“The closer the departure date, the higher the interest in the program. TUI experts predict even greater activity from both tourists and agents immediately after the start of flights. We are confident that the winter charter chain will repeat the success of the summer program, when all flights were operated with almost one hundred percent load. On the first flight, the tour operator invited a pool of journalists from leading federal media, as well as two large groups of agents from Moscow and Yekaterinburg, ”the press service said.

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The tour operator does not plan to extend the flight program. It was originally designed for February and March, since the season of beautiful “instagram” ice ends in March, added to TUI Russia.

Hoteliers in Ulan-Ude confirmed that the depth of sales is still small. According to head of the Metropol group of companies Margarita Yakovleva, charters undoubtedly raised interest in winter Baikal from the Russians. “But it is too early to estimate the real increase in the number of guests. The first charters consisted of journalists and agents – participants in the advertising tour. Now tourists book everything last, so I’m not ready to say yet what the load will be at the end of February, ”Yakovleva noted.

According to travel industry professionals, such a situation does not mean insufficient demand: like any new direction, winter Baikal must first be “rocked”, and this task is never complete without the release of special offers on the market. At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that winter Buryatia can be regarded as a new direction: it is a completely different product than the one sold in summer, with its own positioning and a different audience. And the seats on the first charter are always sold with difficulty, which is why this board is usually filled with travel agents and the press, whose task is to popularize the program among end consumers, passing on to them the positive emotions and new knowledge gained during the trip.

Nevertheless, according to Buryat hoteliers, Russian tourists will not be able to fully compensate for the shortage of foreigners, who were at least twice as large in the region before the crisis.

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