The head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova spoke about the details of the program for subsidizing the construction and reconstruction of hotels at the SPIEF panel session “Tourism and the hospitality industry”: new investment and technological opportunities for the industry on June 5.

According to the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, of the 100 billion allocated for the project, 20 billion are calculated for the next four years, during which time it is planned to build 20 thousand new rooms. “We are confident that we can co-finance this instrument if it goes well,” she added. The emphasis will be placed on the construction of hotels “under international or federal brands, because they set high quality standards, we will focus on those territories where we see a shortage of such hotels, that is, these are natural resort areas, not cities,” Doguzova explained. … She noted that cities have a completely different economy, seasonality is not so pronounced, investors are more willing to go there. “Now we need to stimulate investors so that the hotel sector develops on the Black Sea coast, the Crimean peninsula, Baikal, the Russian North, in Karelia and the Altai Territory,” explained the head of Rostourism. According to her, it is necessary to build an adequate ratio of price and quality of rest there. The first 20-30 projects will be selected on a competitive basis this year.

This project corresponds to the tasks laid down in the national project, one of them is the year-round operation of the infrastructure, since seasonality leads to a decrease in investor income, which directly affects the quality of service, wages and low prestige of work in the travel industry. “We need to make investments in modern tourism infrastructure more attractive, reduce risks for investors,” Doguzova said.

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She also reminded about grants for small and medium-sized businesses. According to the head of Rostourism, it is necessary to support small projects, which at the same time are of great importance – this is the construction of modular hotels, car camps, glamping sites, viewing platforms, sanitary zones. “Over the next couple of years, we plan to standardize and equip about a thousand tourist routes in the most popular destinations,” Doguzova said. According to her, in the future the measure will be expanded, grants can be obtained for the arrangement of beaches, camping areas and so on.

However, in order for investors to be interested in investing in tourism, it is necessary, in particular, to change the legal framework, I am sure Boris Paikin, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs… “You can prepare projects, invest money and start allocating them, but today business is faced with a big problem with land – somewhere it can be national parks, somewhere undefined territories, there can be a lot of questions,” he explained. Paikin is sure that it is necessary to create priority development territories specifically for tourism. “Today the territories of advanced development that operate in the country are tuned to industrial clusters, it is very difficult to“ fit ”tourism here, it is practically impossible, the legislative base needs to be completely redone. This will enable both business and the government to invest and build clusters in a short time, and everything that is necessary for tourism, ”he said.

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